Wedding Savers

Hi everyone,

As promised, I give you my first actual blog.  I mentioned on my pre-blog that I did have some insiders info on how brides and grooms can get what they want and more for less!  You really can save thousands on your wedding by following these simple tips!!!  Enjoy the read xx

1 – Off-Peak Bargains – Choose Your Wedding Date Wisely.

Everybody loves a summer wedding! The sun is shining, long evenings, and day time temperatures above 5degrees Celsius, what’s not to love!!!!!

The thing is though… I’ve been to more summer weddings where it has rained ALL day. You are never guaranteed sun on this side of the world! So really…. why pay the money for peak season weddings when you can pay a fraction of the price for an off-season wedding!  Sure, it may be cold/raining/dark, but embrace it and use props to get awesome pictures!  I’m thinking brollys, wellies, raincoats – that would make for a unique alternative album. Just don’t forget to have your ceremony an hour earlier than you would a summer wedding, you’ll need that extra hour for pictures before it gets dark!

Most venues offer great deals for mid-week weddings, as well as off-season dates. Off-peak wedding times, especially November, January and February can offer great value.

2 – Negotiate prices with your venue and other suppliers. Be nice and you’ll be surprised what extras you can get thrown in!

Be nice, genuine and of course friendly. The nicer you are when it comes to haggling, the better a deal you can strike.  And, do haggle. Supplier and venues expect it!  A lot of couples tend to accept the price given to them and find other ways to make a saving, but trust me, there is almost always a better price to be negotiated. And if you can’t get a better price, there’s a good chance you’ll get a few extras thrown in! But remember – Be Nice!

3 – Cut the guest list

Seems simple… In fact it is simple!!!  The reception is going to be about 50% of your budget so if you want to cut costs, cut the head count! Bring your extra guests along to the evening party. Remember, it costs your guests a lot of money to attend too!

4- Email the invitations

This is a great saving option especially if you are creative! But – If you’re not overly creative you can still get a designer to design your electronic invitations. There are so many design software options out there that makes designing your invitations super easy. For example:

You can also ditch the RSVP Cards – go electronic and ask for an email confirmation.  No one has time to stop by the post office for stamps AND you’ll save some trees in the process!

5- Don’t go mad on venue dressing

No one notices these extras!  In fact, the only people that will notice the way the venue is dressed are brides-to-be who are due to be married soon after you.  You will be so busy on your big day that you won’t have any time to take in or appreciate how the venue is dressed. And considering bringing in a supplier to dress your venue with extra fairy lights and flower walls could cost you up to £2000. How better could you spend that money?

Do you really need a sweet table, dessert bar, photobooth, individual place cards, etc. etc? It’s only you who will notice these little extras. And while your at it, consider dumping the wedding favours, your guests rarely take them home and venue staff end up binning them the next day when the bride and groom have no room in the car to fit 130 unwanted mini Yankee candles!

6 – Reuse & Recycle.

Use your flowers from the ceremony space right through to your reception, those pew ends, lanterns or arches can be reinstalled on the tables, entrance hall or top table or even as a feature outside your reception venue.

Choose Flowers That Are in Season – Every flower has a “proper” season when they should be in bloom. Staying within season for your bouquets will save both hassle and money.

7 – Fake the Wedding Cake

One that is becoming more and more popular – your option here is to have a fake cake on feature (for photographic purposes) and serve freshly baked cake as a much cheaper alternative and much tastier too.

8 – Informal Dining

2019 weddings will see more informal dining, and alternative dining options. These are often cheaper than the traditional 4 course meal, although this might not please your grandparents – your close mates will love it! BBQ’s, Hog roasts, themed buffets, garden party picnic, sharing platters and farm-to-fork options.  The idea is to provide a laid-back vibe but still have a sophisticated wide range of tasty flavoursome food.

I really hope this blog helps you rethink how you spend for your wedding and saves you a lot of cash!

My next blog will be sometime towards the end of February and its all about the floral vibes so keep an eye on my Insta Feed and Stories for updated on that!

Love xx