Food Hots’ 2019

Last Month I promised you a blog on all things wedding food, what’s hot and what’s not.  Of course, everyone has different tastes and preferences, but we can look at overall trends and popular choices.

I’ve been able to interview one of the best chefs in the North, Peter Geelan, Head Chef for Kilmore Country House.  Peter, originally a Donegal man, born and raised in Killybegs by parents who are also talented Chefs.

Peter was happy to answer a few questions on the topic.  Although if you have ever met Peter – you will know that getting a serious answer without sarcasm is a task!!  But… he knows his stuff.  Talented, inventive, creative and a perfectionist.  Peter Designs all his own menus and loves nothing more than creating unconventional dishes with a mix of flavours that, on paper may seem odd, but on the plate is nothing short of a masterpiece!  But of course, we would never tell him this…..

Shauna: Hi Peter! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for me today, I won’t keep you too long. (I heard what sounded like tap dancing shoes as Peter entered the room) Emmm…. Are those women’s shoes your wearing Peter?

Peter: (Laughing) Ah, no, they are chefs clogs…

Shauna: Okay, but they have a high heel and look like shoes your mother would wear?

Peter: (Embarrassed) Look, I bought them by accident, and my other kitchen shoes are wet…

Shauna: (Laughing) Right… let’s move swiftly on!

Peter: What are you writing? Don’t write that down….

Shauna: No, no, of course not – probably best no one ever knows about the shoes!!

Shauna: So Peter, tell me what you like best about being a chef?

Peter:  I love food, and love being able to create an amazing dish from simple ingredients to make people happy!  It also helps that women LOVE a man that can cook. Has helped my dating profile immensely over the years!

Shauna: Wow really?? – I thought women loved Firemen and Pilots

Peter: And Chefs! They love Chefs!

Shauna: Oh, ok!  How does it feel to be an integral part of the most important day of someone’s life?

Peter:  Well, I do love to impress a bride on her big day – just in case the groom is a let-down in the evening, at least one man has impressed her!!!

Shauna: (laughing)

Peter: Seriously though, it is an honour and I love that people trust me to impress their guests!

Shauna: What’s the most popular food style for 2019?

Peter: Honestly, many people are still opting for the traditional 4 course meal.  However, I create restaurant style courses, not silver service.  All my food is plated, presented and served how it would be on my restaurant nights.  Couples do want to create their own menu which reflects their personalities.  We have lots of couples from all over the world and often from different countries and backgrounds, so I have found myself creating more and more ‘multicultural’ menu’s!

Shauna: Multicultural menus?  So slightly different from a typical hotel wedding?

Peter: Certainly.  There’s no reason why banqueting food should be substandard, and more and more venues and caterers are offering a better menu choice with the option of creating your own menu!  I do enjoy ‘breaking the mould’ so to speak and creating something entirely different to wow guests!  I’m currently working on a Jamaican themed menu – it will be awesome!

Shauna: What about BBQ’s, Hog Roast’s and similar?  Are you seeing much of these?

Peter: Absolutely!  Who doesn’t love a good BBQ and a beer!

Shauna: Yes, agree!  Have you many BBQ style weddings in 2019?

Peter: Yes!  I had a wedding in December 2018 which was a BBQ.  The best part of the day was the shock and delight for the guests, everyone was expecting turkey and ham so they were delighted with the odd winter choice!  There are more BBQ and Hog roast style menus this year for sure, people are opting for a more relaxed day and the food often reflects this.  The only downside is often the price.

Shauna: I would have thought it would be cheaper?

Peter: Well it depends on the menu choice, but typically for a BBQ, you will need to offer choices of meat, normally up to 3 which is more expensive than your sides and salads.

Shauna: And what’s the difference between a BBQ and Hog Roast?

Peter: Hog Roast is typically a pig on a spit with sides, whereas a BBQ is normally burgers, sausages, steak.  Obviously, I do my own ‘twist’ on these to make sure the guests have something they wouldn’t have at home!

Shauna: So informal dining is on the rise at exclusive venues and multi-cultural menus are now a ‘thing’!  Are there any other trends you can see in 2019?

Peter: More frequently we are creating miniature versions of ‘old favourites’, whether its tacos, burgers, or soup in a shot glass they are great for canapes or evening buffet.  For evening buffets, we are seeing more couples wanting to replicate their favourite food from the food spot they might end up in after a night out, or maybe where they had their first date.  It’s a chance to relive that moment and share it with their loved ones!

Shauna: Awww, that is quite a sweet thought creating food from your first date for your guests.

Peter: There is nothing I’d ever like to share with my parents or family from a first date….

Shauna: (Eyes rolling) Lets end this conversation here!

I hope that gave you some insight into this years wedding food trend.  People are becoming much more adventurous with their food choices, opting to wow their guests with ‘something different’ and its all in the presentation whether is be the cake, the S’mores table, the canapes or the main meal.  It can be difficult to please all your guests.  Your ‘uni mates’ for example will appreciate food very different to that which your ‘nan’ will like.  But its your day.  Be bold and do something different.  The team creating your menu and food will thank you for the challenge and the chance to be creative with their culinary skills!

The next blog s all about what I do best – accessorising! Hopefully you will enjoy what I have planned for that one.

Love xx